9/11 Remembrance Rosary By Ghirelli


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9/11 Remembrance Rosary By Ghirelli Truly 

9/11 Remembrance Rosary, 9x8 mm “50 United States of America” metal beads with rust, “Jesus rising from the ruins” hand-decorated Centerpiece and “Ground Zero” hand-decorated Crucifix, © Ghirelli. 9x8 mm metal beads, film plated with rust-like color. Image of the Immaculate Conception of the Miraculous Medal on one side and the initials of the 50 United States of America on the reverse side. In the final part of the Rosary three beads featuring the three initials of United States of America (USA). Silver plated finish with Ghirelli brand plate. Three dimensional centerpiece – “Jesus triumphantly rising from the grave in the ruins.” The body of Christ is hand-painted silver color - the ruins of the Towers in rust-like metal finish. Ground Zero Cross, a perfect reproduction of the original one, faithful in every detail, scrap of sheet metal hand-painted, silver color, rust-like metal finish.


Rosary 23” Crucifix 1-3/4”