Saint Francis with Birds Hand Painted Church statue - Val Gardena 48" Tall


Beautiful Saint Francis with Birds Church statue 

Avalon Gallery Large size 48" tall -Hand painted to ensure every detail is beautiful. Brand new in box and is very heavy statue Very high quality statue.

Shipped via special Freight. This statue is truly a work of art and will bring blessings to any church or chapel. Delivery time is 7-14 days.


History of The birds: Drunk with love, he could call upon creatures to extol the Creator with him, and the birds joined him in singing the praises of God. Feast Day is October 4 Francis and the wolf: St Francis was staying at Gubbio, the saint learned of a large and fierce wolf that was eating animals and even human beings. People lived in such fear of the creature that they carried weapons with them everywhere they went. St Francis determined to go find the wolf, and a few of the bravest townsmen went with him. St Francis did find the wolf, for it bared its teeth upon seeing him and charged. St Francis was unmoved, making the sign of the cross in the direction of the closing wolf. The wolf closed his mouth and slowed, creeping up meekly to St Francis. The Saint commanded the wolf never to hurt anyone again, and then made a bargain with the wolf that the people of the town would bring it food if it would not attack them. The wolf remained docile, following St Francis back to town where he explained the bargain he had made with the wolf, which the towns-people kept.

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