Divino Nino Statue From The Barcelona Collection


Divino Nino Statue From The Barcelona Collection

The Divino Niño, Divine Child Jesus, is a wooden statue of the child Jesus which comes from Bogota, Colombia. There was, originally, a cross in the back which was removed upon purchase by Father Giovanni Rizzo. The statue, with arms stretched out wide, is wearing a pink robe and has an inscription "Yo reinaré" ("I will reign") on its base. It is said to have miraculous powers of fertility and healing.

In 1914, Father Giovanni Rizzo and his Salesian priestly companions were building a new church in Barranquilla, Colombia. Rizzo is believed to have had a mystical vision of the child Jesus, in a standing posture, with outstretched arms. In the vision, Jesus said, "Take me with you, I want to accompany you."

Construction of the church was finished in 1042. Rizzo then discovered a child Jesus statue in a nearby shop by an anonymous Italian sculptor who fashioned a likeness of the child Jesus with a cross in the back, just as in Rizzo's vision. Rizzo had the cross removed from his back and had the owner inscribe the words Yo reinaré at the base of the statue. He brought it to his new parish and began to preach about the favors the Christ Child does for those who have faith and who help the poor.

Stunning hand-painted statue of Divino Nino from the Barcelona Collection. Exquisite attention to detail and gold accents make this a beautiful statue for your home! Complete with a Spanish nameplate upon the base, this is a wonderful gift for any Christian person!

Made of Resin

Measures at 12" H

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