Holy Family Nativity Tondo by Della Robbia Style Wall Sculpture


Holy Family Nativity Tondo by Della Robbia Style Wall Plaque

Blessed by the Father and heralding an example for all families to come, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus commune in this famous narrative by a legendary Florentine workshop. Pioneers of Renaissance art, the Della Robbia family artisans elevated the terra cotta art form by marrying it with painting and glazing techniques that emphasize light and ideal beauty. Our Design  exclusive version is cast in quality designer resin to capture detail from Mary's crowning halo to Joseph's staff. It is then hand painted in light-enhancing glazes, including the characteristic Della Robbia blue.

The entire piece is encircled with a bountiful bower of leaves and fruit that's had such influence that the "Della Robbia wreath" is a staple in modern American homes. Commemorate baptisms, births, anniversaries, weddings, ordinations and other special spiritual occasions with our meaningful statuary collection.

Measures 12"dia. x 2"D. 3 lbs.

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