Jesus Ornate Calvary Cimabue Wall Cross 12" Tall


Jesus Ornate Calvary Cimabue Wall Cross 12" Tall

Prayer to Jesus Crucified:

Here I am, good and gentle Jesus, kneeling before you. With great fervor I pray and ask you to instill in me genuine convictions of faith, hope and love, with true sorrow for my sins and a firm resolve to amend them. While I contemplate your five wounds with great love and compassion, I remember the words which the prophet David long ago put on your lips: "They have pierced my hands and my feet, I can count all my bones." (Psalm 22/17-18).

Cimabue (c. 1240 – 1302) was a Florentine painter and creator of mosaics. Cimabue is generally regarded as one of the first great Italian painters to break from the Italo-Byzantine style, although he still relied on Byzantine models. Cimabue was a pioneer in the move towards naturalism; his figures were depicted with more lifelike proportions and shading. Even though he was a pioneer in that move, his Maestà paintings evidence Medieval techniques and characteristics. According to Giorgio Vasari, he was the teacher of Giotto, the first great artist of the Italian Proto-Renaissance.

Stunning, Calvary Cimabue Crucifix, beautifully detailed and rich in color. A perfect addition to the decor of any Christian Home or church and a great gift for clergy, birthdays, Christmas, or any special gift-giving occasion!

Made of Resin

Measures 12"

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