Madonna And Child Brudges Garden Statue


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Madonna And Child Brudges Garden Statue

A very special gift for any Christian or Catholic person. Traditional Catholic statue that is sure to bring a sense of peace and serenity.

Considered by some scholars to be the most approachable Virgin Mary sculpture, this replica of Michelangelo's elegant 15th-century sculpture embodies the High Renaissance. Our 2 1/2 foot-tall religious garden sculpture, cast in quality designer resin, captures the sweet Christ Child quietly ready to step into the grandeur of his mission. A classic religious garden statue, this enthroned Madonna creates a spiritual sanctuary nestled beneath your favorite tree or awarded a place of honor in a spot for indoor meditation.

* Pillar not included

Measures 10½"Wx12"D x 28"H

Weight 15 lbs.

* Shipping cost are according to oversized item and wieght.

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