Maria Regina Madonna And The Angels Figure Galleria Davina


Maria Regina Madonna And The Angels Figure Galleria Davina

Prayer to Our Lady of the Angels

Measures 12.6"H 9.65"W 4.72"L

O Virgin of the Angels, who has for centuries established your throne of mercy at the Porziuncula, hear the prayer of your children, who trust in you. From this truly holy place and the habitation of the Lord, so dear to the heart of Saint Francis, you have always invited all men to love. Your tender eyes assure us of a never failing motherly help and a promise of divine help to all those who humbly have recourse to your throne, or who from afar, turn to you to ask for help. You are, indeed, our sweet Queen and our only hope. O Lady of the Angels, obtain for us, through the intercession of blessed Francis, pardon for our sins, help us to keep away from sin and indifference, so that we shall be worthy of calling you our Mother for evermore. Bless our homes, our toil and our rest, by giving us that same serenity we experience within the walls of the Porziuncula, where hate, guilt and tears turn into a song of joy like that once was sung by the Angels and the seraphic Francis. Help those who are in need and hungry, those who are in danger of body and soul, those who are sad and downhearted, those who are sick and dying. Bless us, your most beloved children, and we pray you, bless also with the same motherly gesture, all those who are innocent, together with those are guilty; those who are faithful, together with those who have gone astray; those who believe, together with those who are in doubt. Bless all humanity, so that all men acknowledging that they are God's children, would find through love, real peace and real good.


Absolutely gorgeous Madonna of the Angels statue from the Galleria Divina Collection. The Madonna with child surrounded by beautiful angels. Words just cannot express the beauty of the lifelike detail and the soft color brings a heavenly tone to the scene unfolding before you. An elegant addition to your home, office, or prayer room decor. Would be a heartfelt, meaningful gift for any Christian person, and perfect for the expectant mother as a shower or birth gift.

Made of Resin/Stone Mix

Measures at 12.6"H 9.65"W 4.72"L

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