Medjugorie Silver Plated Rosary By Ghirelli


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Our Lady of Medjugorie silver plated Rosary By Ghirelli

Our Lady of Medjugorie is also known as the Queen of Peace. The Lady appeared to six people. They claimed that the Blessed Mother appeared to them in white and asked them to pray for the sick and suffering.

Medjugorie silver plated Rosary, 7 mm glass beads, “Tabernacle” Centerpiece and “Krizevac” Crucifix, © Ghirelli. 7 mm glass beads, three color hues. Our Father beads featuring the Tabernacle with Saint Jakob, the Križevac Cross, the Podbro Hill and the Medjugorie Church. Antique silver plated finish. Silver plated finish with caps and Ghirelli brand plate. Centerpiece in the shape of the Tabernacle present inside the Medjugorie Shrine. Antique silver plated finish.

Crucifix featuring the Križevac Cross - antique silver plated finish.

Box: Venezia. Rosary 24” Crucifix 2-3/16”