Red Cloisonné Rosary with Miraculous Dangle


Red Cloisonné Rosary with Miraculous Dangle.

Amazing Hand crafted and hand cloisonne red rosary.

This rosary is a very nice gift for any Catholic.

Cloisonné Rosaries & Bracelets Cloisonné is a technique that dates back to ancient Egypt and has been found in jewelry, stoneware and art for centuries. We've applied this ancient technique to our Creed® rosary collection to bring you this elegant offering. Each is made by skilled craftsmen who attach metal wiring to individual beads creating compartments or 'cloisonnés' in various shapes and patterns. Each 'compartment' is then filled in by hand with various colored enamels or paints. The result is a gorgeously patterned bead featuring a unique embossed design.

Made of 6MM Red Beads

1 3/4" Crucifix

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