Saint Christopher Sterling Silver Medal


Saint Christopher Sterling Silver Medal

Made of Sterling Silver

Measures 5⁄8" Dia, 18" L Chain

Saint Christopher was a martyr who was killed in the 3rd-century of the Roman Empire. His name means "Christ-bearer". A legend says that he carried a child that was unknown to him across a river, and then the child revealed himself as Christ. He became known as the patron saint of travelers. Images of him are worn as jewelry, carried in a pocket, and placed in vehicles for protection.

His patronage includes: bachelors, transportation (drivers, sailors, etc.), traveling (especially for long journeys), storms, Brunswick, Saint Christopher's Island (Saint Kitts), Island Rab, Vilnius, epilepsy, gardeners, holy death, and toothaches.

Impressive Saint Christopher Special Devotion Sterling Silver Holy Medal. Remarkably detailed image of Saint Christopher adorns this 5⁄8" Diameter medal that hangs on an 18" length chain. The perfect gift for any Catholic person and for any gift-giving occasion! Especially meaningful to those who often travel!

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