Vatican Museums gold plated Rosary By Ghirelli


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Vatican Museums gold plated Rosary, 8 mm Bohemian n glass beads, “The Last Judgement” Centerpiece and “Sistine Chapel” Crucifix, © Ghirelli.

8 mm Bohemian n glass beads in very new hued colors. Gold plated finish with caps and Ghirelli brand plate. “The Last Judgement” Centerpiece, a reproduction of the famous masterwork by Michelangelo. The shape reproduces the architecture of the Sistine Chapel in a suggestive perspective.

In antique gold plated finish. “Sistine Chapel” Cross, with small panels featuring sculptures on both sides, taken from the frescos by Michelangelo. In antique gold plated finish.

Box: Venezia “Vatican Museums”.

Rosary 26” Crucifix 2-1/2”