Vision Of Saint Francis Print Under Glass In Gold Finish Ornate Frame


Vision Of Saint Francis Print Under Glass In Gold Finish Ornate Frame

In the summer of 1224, Francis went to the mountain retreat of La Verna to celebrate the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and to prepare for St. Michael’s Day by fasting for 40 days. He prayed that he might know how best to please God; opening the Gospels for the answer, he came upon references to the Passion of Christ three times. As he prayed during the morning of the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, he beheld the vision of a figure coming toward him from the heavens. St. Bonaventure, minister-general of the Franciscans, wrote:

As it stood above him, he saw that it was a man and yet a Seraph with six wings; his arms were extended and his feet conjoined, and his body was fixed to a cross. Two wings were raised above his head, two were extended as in flight, and two covered the whole body. The face was beautiful beyond all earthly beauty, and it smiled gently upon Francis. Conflicting emotions filled his heart, for though the vision brought great joy, the sight of the suffering and crucified figure stirred him to deepest sorrow. Pondering what this vision might mean, he finally understood that by God’s providence he would be made like to the crucified Christ not by a bodily martyrdom but by conformity in mind and heart. Then as the vision disappeared, it left not only a greater ardour of love in the inner man but no less marvelously marked him outwardly with the stigmata of the Crucified.

Stunning print under glass of the Visions Of Saint Francis. A contemporary work of art in rich, vibrant colors and an ornate frame with a gold finish will bring style and elegance to your home, office, or church. Comes with easel back and metal hangers for wall mounting. A wonderful gift for any special gift-giving occasion.


Made Polystyrene, Cardstock, and Glass

Measures at 11" W x 13" H

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