First Communion Girls Blessed Sacraments Set


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First Communion Blessed Sacraments Girls Set

Made of Wood and Card stock

Measures at 4.5" H

Beautiful Holy First Communion Blessed Sacraments Wallet Set for boys. Includes Mass Book, Scapular, Rosary, Lapel Pin, and a PVC Case. All of the necessities for their first Communion. The perfect gift for any communicate from friends or family! A gift they can cherish the rest of their life!

Jesus, my God, Thou art infinitely good and perfect. I love Thee above all things and with my whole heart. I desire to receive Thee in Holy Communion that I may love Thee more and serve Thee better. Come to me and strengthen me, so that I may never be separated from Thee on earth and that I may live with Thee eternally in heaven.


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