Holy Family Nativity Scene Triptych From Joseph Studio


Holy Family Nativity Scene Triptych From Joseph Studio 

The Holy Family is the family unit of Jesus: Jesus who is The Divine Son of God, his mother the Virgin Mary, and his foster-father Joseph. Though we know very little about the life of the Holy Family through the canonical Gospels, they do narrate the early years of the Holy Family, including the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, the flight into Egypt, and the finding of Jesus in the temple. Several non-canonical works, including the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, fill in some of the blanks, but most have been deemed unworthy of canonical status because of the way they present Jesus.

Devotion to the Holy Family has only recently begun, but it grows out of a love for Jesus and his family. The following of the Holy Family became popular in the 17th century. On October 26, 1921 the Congregation of Rites (under Pope Benedict XV) inserted the Feast of the Holy Family into the Latin Rite general calendar. Popes before and including Benedict XV promoted the feast as a way to counter the breakdown of the family unit.

The Feast of the Holy Family is a celebration of the human family unit, as well as the ultimate family unit: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. The feast is not a solemnity, and is usually celebrated on the Sunday after Christmas. If Christmas is a Sunday, then the feast is celebrated on December 30th.

Gorgeous Holy Family in Bethlehem Nativity Triptych from the Joseph Studio. Brilliant colors fill the backdrop of Bethlehem with a beautifully detailed Virgin Mary and Joseph looking on adoringly at the newborn baby Jesus. Sure to be a loved cherished piece forever. A stunning addition to home or church Christmas decor. Would be a meaningful gift for Christian friends and family.

Made of Resin and Stone Mix

Measures at 10"H 4.5"W 2.38"D

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