Saint Michael The Protector Statue


Saint Michael The Protector Statue

St. Michael, one of the seven archangels, is also one of the three angels mentioned by name in the Scriptures. St. Raphael and St. Gabriel are also mentioned. St. Michael is spoken of twice in the Old Testament, and twice in the New. In the Book of Daniel, chapter 5, Michael comes to comfort Daniel after he has had a vision, and promises to be his helper in all things. In chapter 7, Michael is called "the great prince who standeth for the children of Thy people." Michael is represented as Israel's great support during the seventy years of the Babylonian captivity. Daniel, wise and holy leader that he was, wanted his people to understand that God had not forgotten them, and that, even though enslaved, they had a royal champion.

In Jude, chapter 4, we are told that Michael disputed with the devil over the body of Moses; this episode is not mentioned elsewhere in the Bible. In the Apocalypse, chapter 7, John recounts the great battle in Heaven, when the wicked angels under Lucifer revolt against God. Michael, leading the faithful angels, defeats the hosts of evil and drives them out. With this victory, St. Michael is revered in Catholic tradition and liturgy as the protector of the Church. In the Eastern Church, as well as among many theologians in the West, St Michael is placed over all the angels, as prince of the Seraphim. He is the Patron of sick people, mariners, and grocers. His emblems are a banner, a sword, a dragon, and scales. The name Michael is a variation of Micah, meaning in Hebrew, "Who is like God?" His Celebration of Feast Day is September 29.

With muted colors, this finely detailed statue of Saint Michael the Protector has the look of carved wood, much like those seen in southern Italy. Like all statues from the Avalon Gallery, it will bring spiritual elegance to your home or office. Would make a wonderful gift for Catholic friends and family. Each statue is carefully packed in a beautiful Avalon Gallery signature gift box, perfect for gift-giving.

Made of Resin

Measures 8.5" H

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